Does it work?

Leeds Group Therapy is part of Northpoint Wellbeing, a charity which has provided counselling to thousands of people since we stared in 1990.

We look at everyone’s progress in therapy, and last year the vast majority of our clients saw a measurable improvement in their lives.

So there is a very good probability that attending group therapy will work for you too.

This is what some of our clients have said about our service as a whole:

“I came to view my sessions as a safe haven where I could say what I felt without being judged. I can now see much more clearly.”

“I have got rid of the past and feel much more optimistic about the future. I feel the therapy worked.”

“I feel better equipped to cope with crisis.”

“The therapist’s patience and understanding seemed limitless. He helped me define and explain my emotions and put them into context. It was an excellent experience.”

“I felt heard and understood. The therapist helped me to get in touch with underlying feelings and start to make sense of them.”

“You did a fantastic job. A big thank you!”

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