Q: What is group therapy?

A: Group psychotherapy is a form of therapy in which a group people, usually around eight, with a variety of problems and difficulties they wish to resolve, meet weekly. The sessions last for an hour and half, take place at the same time and place each week, and are facilitated by a group therapist.

Q: How does group therapy compare to individual therapy?

A: In a group there is the opportunity to listen as well as to talk. The very fact of sharing with others who are also experiencing difficult feelings can significantly reduce feelings of isolation. This is in itself therapeutic, and is a good starting point for continuing therapeutic work. A therapy group has the potential to provide an immensely supportive and safe place within which to explore the painful thoughts and feelings that it may not feel safe to express elsewhere.

Q: How can group therapy help me?

A: Group therapy offers the opportunity to learn more about yourself and others and about the way you relate to others, by offering a “here and now” experience of talking and listening. All group members contribute to an exploration of the concerns and difficulties brought to the group. As personal issues, past and present, along with developing relationships in the group itself are explored and analysed it is likely that group members will gain new insight and develop different, more psychologically healthy ways of relating, leading to the possibility of lasting change.

Q: How do I join a group?

A: The first step is to ring Northpoint Wellbeing or to send an email via the link on this website. One of the group therapists will ring you back within a few days for an initial telephone discussion. Following this, an initial meeting may be arranged for a fuller discussion of your issues and concerns. This will be the starting point for learning more about yourself and group therapy and also a chance to decide whether you wish to continue with the process of joining a group.

Q: Will I have to reveal information about myself in a group immediately?

A: No. It is not uncommon to feel anxious at the thought of joining a group and talking about yourself. Most people will take some time to feel at ease in a new group, and everyone goes at their own pace. However, people usually feel better once they have begun to share their problems and difficulties with others, and are reassured by the confidentiality of the group.

Q: How long will the therapy take?

A: The groups at Northpoint continue indefinitely whilst group members come, stay for as long as they need, and leave when they are ready. There is an expectation that joining a group is a commitment to a long-term therapy.

Q: If I decide to join a group, how long will it take before I start?

A: This will vary. A vacancy may be available immediately or there may be a waiting list to join. Prior to joining, there is always a series of individual meetings with the group therapist which might take place over a few weeks, or several months. These meetings will help to prepare you for joining a therapy group.

Q: When and where will the sessions take place?

A: Currently there are two day time groups and one evening group. All groups meet at Northpoint Wellbeing, Leeds Bridge House.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Each session costs £20.00. It is possible to negotiate a lower fee, depending on circumstances. This would be discussed at your initial meeting. For those on benefits the weekly fee is £5.00.

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