Group Therapy

Many people try to manage difficult situations and problems alone. Group therapy can seem daunting or embarrassing.

But group therapy can be very effective and supportive for many people…

A therapy group, led by a qualified and experienced therapist, can be a healing experience. Group therapy can help you to see your problems from a fresh perspective, and you can learn from the experiences of others.

Being part of a supportive therapy group can give you strength and hope, particularly during a testing time in your life. The group is confidential, and the therapist helps group members to raise and deal with difficult issues in a safe supportive way.

Group therapy is particularly helpful where your problems have been long-standing. The therapy group can present a ‘here and now’ opportunity to ‘repair’ past emotional damage by helping you to relate to others in progressively more positive ways.

Many people report that their mental and emotional wellbeing improves, and that they feel more confident about themselves, as a result of group therapy.

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